Curves And The City Magazine covering the Pink Champagne Gala

Grab your calendars and save this day. We are proud to announce that Curves and the City Magazine is going to be covering the Pink Champagne Gala in Atlanta on June 4th 2016.

Curves and the City Magazine caught up with Charessa Sawyer, the organizer for the Pink Champagne Gala and we got chance to ask her a few questions.


Thank you for sitting down with us. Before we go into the event, please tell our fans a lil bit more of yourself.

  Well, first off, thank you for having me. By day, I am a social worker and by nights, weekends and everything in between (lol), I am the founder of SC Visionary Services & Production Planning. My company focuses largely on cause based and community related events. Under that umbrella, we have a few brands - The Table Talk Series and The Charge Up Campaign - both of which are hosting the Charge Up Charge Pynk Pink Champagne Gala



How long have you been having the event?

This is our second year in Atlanta but 4th year hosting the event. The first two were in North Carolina.


Why did you decide to do the event?

I decided to host the Charge Up Charge Pynk Pink Champage Gala to celebrate cancer survivors after realizing the positive impact of celebrating my mother. When my  mother was diagnosed we paid so much attention to her health that we forgot to celebrate her. Once we took the time to celebrate she changed. She was happy and rejuvenated. It was awesome. I want to see that for all fighters and caregivers!


What else is the event about?

Simply put it's the celebration of Life!


What can people look forward to?

I am so excited to share this evening with everyone. It will be a dynamic,  purposeful and entertaining night of elegance and grace. It’s going to be dynamic stories of Survivorship. Your hearts will be touched.


Who is going to attend the event?

We have an awesome line up of cancer survivors, organizations and celebrities. HOPE SOURCE will be there priding free genetic screening. We will also have a representative from the American Cancer society  Hope Lodge, Shaping Women, patient advocate Felicia Mahone, who is also a cancer survivor. Some of our celebrity guests and ambassadors include from BET Sunday's Best National recording Artist Y'anna Crawley, -1 reality personality Priyanka Banks and from Bravo TV Mother funders Robin Dyke, and more. Shout out to State Farm`s Dr. Alexcuis Branch, the presenting sponsor.



How did you manage to have all these big names at your event?

We do great work. Everyone is affected by Cancer in some way. We shared our mission and they jumped on in support of our mission.


How can people get tickets?


How can people support the event?

They can go to our gofundme page (  and support the movement. We are taking a road trip across the U.S to celebrate survivors everywhere. So the gala and donations received will help fund our Day of Celebrations that will start in July.


How can people reach you?



A few more questions before we go


How do you feel about the Curvy movement?

I love how it represents the beauty of the woman. That's powerful.


What do you have to say to all the beautiful women out there?

You are somebody and continue to walk in grace and strength. Lastly for women and for men don't be afraid to check yourselves for any signs for cancer. Early detection is the best detection.