The Publishers - ATL`s Rising Power Couple

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Brenda Laurese Dubone

Brenda is a multi talented Memphis, TN Native who relocated to Atlanta Georgia in 2013 to follow her long passion of working in Entertainment via Acting, Modeling and Publishing.

Apart from Magazine publishing and production, Brenda has Served as an Actress (Multiple Seasons) on Fatal Attraction, The Originals, Domestic Seduction, Captain America 3, Wimpy Kid the Long Haul, Spider Man Home Coming, The Last Full Measure and Still Managing to Book Commercial Print Ads (Treasure Bay Casino)/Brand Modeling for Many Notable Photographers and Magazines.

Brenda's also had the opportunity to take great notes alongside Veteran Actor, Samuel L Jackson, and Stand-in for Rapper, Producer, Queen Latifah (Miracles from Heaven). Brenda has taken multiple Acting Workshops in Atlanta, GA: Rated ETA, Dugout Studios, Rhavynn Drummer and a Production Assistant workshop at Pinewood Studios. Brenda also attributes sharpening her skills as an entertainer to the many Appearances she has made on TV.

Curves And The City Magazine is Published by Annaclassic Media Productions LLC which is owned by husband and wife Prince Mudyariwa and Brenda Dubone.

Bright lights decorate the city streets at night, the sun’s rays cast their shadows on its tall buildings at the break of dawn, but what gives the city life, it is the beautiful women and their magnificent curves. Their curves command an audience everywhere they go, from the classroom to the boardroom, from the projects to the suburbs, from Africa to Europe and from the pole to the pulpit.

Curves and the City is a celebration of all curves and of all women. It is a celebration of every woman around the world; a celebration of life, beauty, fashion, style, class, sexiness, fitness and elegance. It is a magazine that wants women to love their bodies and be comfortable in their curvy skin. Curves and the City is about liberation. In the city, it is not the girls that rule the world; it’s their curves that run the world. Get a copy, relax let us take you to places where your imagination can be entertained.


Prince Farai Mudyariwa

Prince Farai Mudyariwa is a published writer based in Atlanta, GA, who specializes in high concept books, screenplays and television shows. 

He is the author of the book, The Seven Feathers of Love. He is the founder of the magazine Curves and the City, and other publications under the umbrella of Annaclassic Media Productions, a company he founded in Atlanta Georgia

Prince draws his inspiration from his diverse background. Before making his way to New York, and eventually Atlanta Georgia, he had the privilege of being raised in a former British colony in Africa. From encounters with wild animals in Africa to dodging bullets in the South side of Atlanta, his life experiences have been an enrichment to his style of writing. Like most people fighting for a share of the American dream, he has been through tough times including being homeless. He does not have to imagine struggle and pain, he has lived it. He loves photography, fantasy and politics.