Birdman goes off on the Breakfast Club

This morning things got heated at the Breakfast Club. Baby “Birdman” appeared incensed, and began barking at the three Breakfast Club hosts before he even sat down to be interviewed, telling them to “stop playing with his name.” When he finally sat down, Charlamagne Tha God began asking Birdman what the beef was about, and Baby became more agitated, and engaged in a brief back-and-forth with Charlamagne before deciding that the interview was over. He quickly stalked out of the room with his entourage, and that was that.

The Cash Money boss visited The Breakfast Club this morning (April 22) in what quickly became the shortest interview in show history. Below is a transcript of his exchange with Charlamagne.

He done cursed us out, get it off your chest, Birdman.

I said it already, I ain’t gotta talk no more.

Cause I don’t understand the angle.

I said it already.

So why come here?

I did it already. I’m here. So what’s happening?

I wanted to see you. I wanted to talk you as a man to your face. I knew a few places you was at, I could’ve pulled up, but I thought that was gangsta. I wanted to come look you in your face like a man and tell you how I feel.

So what’s the issue?

Ain’t no issue. If it was an issue, you would feel me. I just came to let y’all know, put some respect on my name. When y’all say my name, put some respect on it.

Did you pull up on Ross that way? Or Trick Daddy?

Man, I’m pullin’ up on you, nigga.

But I’m the radio guy. Why pull up on the radio guy? Don’t act tough with the radio guy?

I hear you, my nigga. Y’all finished or y’all done? I ain’t got no more talkin’. Let’s rock.

Well, grand opening, grand closing.