NIchole Zyoness

Zyoness an American –Trinidadian model from Brooklyn New York has always been in front of the camera from the age of 9 when she entered her first modeling competition. Being plus size has always been an issue for her growing up. That’ s when Zyoness first got into fashion –daring to be plus size and different. Zyoness wanted to be a model to empower other women to embrace their body and love themselves. Her favorite quote, “ Let your curves define you, but not limit you”has been the foundation to this beauty’ s plus size modeling career.
In 2011, the 5’ 8 model decided to join the ranks of Natalie Laughlin, Tara Lynn, Candice Huffin, Lauren Veluvolu, just to name a few. And if 2014 is any indication she’ s on her way! In 2014, Zyoness added the following events to her portfolio modeling for Beach Bling, Full Figured Fashion Week, Taste of the Runway Atlanta, Atlanta Celeb Fest Fashion Show and the list goes on. Zyoness was also featured in Curvy Connect Magazine August 2014 premier edition. 2014 also found the plus size diva the joy of being a live model in a stage play for Plus Positive Summit.
She is not just a model, Zyoness has ventured into Hosting and Acting. Zyoness embodies the meaning of Zyoness, stemming from the word Zion, which is to empower oneself and others. As her career continues to rise, Zyoness takes the time out to empower women and mentor youths.


Meet this week's Model of the Week

Eliza Johnson

Eliza is a size 10 model; also known to the American modeling industry as an "inbetweenie", she books work as both a plus model and a regular model.  She has been published all over the globe and is starting to make a name for herself as a model and advocate for curves.  She truly believes that models should be represented in all shapes, sizes and ethnicities.

Eliza grew up in the country, 10 miles outside of a small town in Wisconsin.  She lived half of her life there, and at the age of 15 got an agent and moved to Los Angeles with her mother to pursue her modeling and acting career. She didn't really blow up in the modeling world until about 6 years ago when she decided to represent herself as a plus model.  Even at age 15, standing 5'9.5" tall at 135lbs her agent said due to her measurements she should consider being a plus model. 

"I couldn't believe it - here I was, the skinniest in my grade, and that was the exact reason I decided to give modeling a try.  I knew two things; I loved performing and taking pictures, and that models were unusually thin - therefore, I thought, why not give modeling a try."

It wasn't until she reached her late 20's that her true curves started to form and she was able to finally represent herself as a plus model.  After many agency turn downs and discrimination from multiple publications, she made her way up the ladder, doing what she loved by convincing the companies she worked for that she could sell clothes.  And that's exactly what she did.  She had the highest sell out rate at many of her jobs, which pushed her to the point of having to turn down other jobs and be able to demand pay increases to determine which companies to keep modeling for and which to let go.

"It wasn't easy... I loved my jobs and I loved the people I worked for. For someone to have to take the role of an agent and model is not an easy task, but that's what I needed to do to put food on the table, so that's what I did."  She would work 12 hours a day (including driving), modeling 5 days a week for several companies in Los Angeles - for 3 years straight.  "It was exhausting but extremely fulfilling.".........................................

MODEL - Nahir

Meet this week's Model of the Week


Born in the era of the 90’s Nahir has quite the story. On November 26, 1993; Nahir was born in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, in the capital of San Juan. A fan of sports and modeling, she’d never think she would make it far. “Yo soy Boricua, pa’ que tu lo sepas”

Nahir was given 3 names at birth, a very uncommon thing: Nahir Irene Carolina. Her parents were indecisive on what name to give to the hazel eyed girl.

Her modeling and pageant life began at the mere age of 12, when she participated in her first pageant: “Miss Maja of Puerto Rico”, then she participated in several runways and pageants including: “Miss America Puerto Rico”. Choosing mainstream pageantry was her way of imposing the curvy girls around the city, because no one would even dare to do so. Life had something different for her, you know when they say: “third time’s the charm.”  She was the first ever Miss Puerto Rico Plus USA 2014, coming in the top 10; she even traveled to Seattle, Washington to compete. She is also a model with the “Divas Plus Model PR”, the first plus size modeling agency in Puerto Rico.

Being 5”5, you wouldn’t take her seriously. She’s a box full of surprises. Graduated in the class of 2011, with all honors, including the ranking of Valedictorian and Highest SAT/College Board. She was also the captain of the Math Club, president of the English club, a member of the National Honor Society and the Forensics team. She was also the team captain in the soccer team (and the goalie), and also played sports such as volleyball, softball, basketball and “ping-pong.” A really fun fact about this girl is that she is a WWE fan.

She went on to study in the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus, to pursue her bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, but life decided to change its course when her grandmother died. She then realized she wanted to become a nurse, specialized in “Pediatric Oncology”, since her grandmother was a cancer survivor. She’s also a member of the Her Campus team, UPR chapter, first chapter ever created in Puerto Rico. Apart from finishing her studies, Nahir aspires to write a children’s book in the future. One of her stories was even published in 2013.

A great future lies ahead, and Nahir waits humbly for what’s God’s plan with it.


Model - Taj E. Mestizo

Meet this week`s model of the week

Taj E. Mestizo

Born and raised in Georgia, Taj is a beautiful young actor and model based in Atlanta. She is curvy, pretty and very dedicated to her craft. Not only does she have good looks, she has brains; she is a full-time student at Georgia State University majoring in middle grades education. She is also a part time teacher at the boys & girls club in Atlanta, GA. This big sister of two boys has Nigerian, German and Hungarian blood flowing with her veins. “Am as young or old as I want, however I've been living for 23 years,”