Baby India - More than 1000 People Want to adopt baby found in plastic plastic bag in the woods


More than 1,000 people have offered to adopt a newborn girl who was found wrapped in a plastic bag in a wooded area in Georgia.

“Baby India,” as she has been named by nurses from a list of names for abandoned babies, was left in a tied-up bag near a rural road in Forsyth County. A neighbor nearby called authorities on June 6 and said he and his children heard a baby crying.

A Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office deputy located the bag, opened it and discovered India, who was still covered in blood and had her umbilical cord attached. The sheriff’s office released the body camera footage on Tuesday, where millions of people have viewed it and shared it all over social media.

The video sparked an massive emotional response online, with hundreds of users sharing the video along with the hashtag #BabyIndia to help find the girl's mother.

Many also took to Twitter to share information about "safe haven" laws, which allow women to leave unharmed infants at designated locations – such as police stations or hospitals – without prosecution, thereby making the children wards of the state, so as to prevent another infant getting abandoned.

baby india.jpg

"Omg, the poor thing! Glad she is safe and doing well now," one woman tweeted.

Another tweeted she "broke out in tears" when she saw the video because it reminded her of her own infant granddaughter.

"Just called Forsyth County Sheriff's office to find out that I was one of the thousands that have inquired about the adoption of #BabyIndia," a third woman wrote.