A Woman Falls in Love With Sperm Donor 13 Years After Having His Baby


Jessica Share, 42, says she never set out to track down the sperm donor who helped her welcome her 13-year-old daughter Alice Mikell. But a strange twist of events led her to the mystery man who has now become the love of her life.

“He’s a very open, soft-spoken person,” Share, of Seattle, tells PEOPLE of 52-year-old Aaron Long. “It’s been a very natural process of getting to know him. He’s just so happy. It’s very cool. I’m so grateful that we found him.”

Share and her daughter now live with Long and his 21-year-old daughter Madi, who he also had through sperm donation. They’ve also met two of Long’s other children through sperm donation, Bryce, 23, and 11-year-old Emily.