Bright lights decorate the city streets at night, the sun’s rays cast their shadows on its tall buildings at the break of dawn, but what gives the city life, it is the beautiful women and their magnificent curves.  Their curves command an audience everywhere they go, from the classroom to the boardroom, from the projects to the suburbs, from Africa to Europe and from the pole to the pulpit. 

Curves and the City is a celebration of all curves and of all women.  It is a celebration of every woman around the world; a celebration of life, beauty, fashion, style, class, sexiness, fitness and elegance.  It is a magazine that wants women to love their bodies and be comfortable in their curvy skin.  Curves and the City is about liberation.  In the city, it is not the girls that rule the world; it’s their curves that run the world.  Get a copy, relax let us take you to places where your imagination can be entertained.