The Power of Self Esteem by Carolina Mazuco


If there is a powerful thing, able to attract, delight and make all the difference, it’s called self esteem! Self esteem and opens doors and can radically transform a person's life. You have doubts?

Have you ever seen, the homemaker, wife and mother, who is always begging for her husband's attention, one day take off those old pajamas - full of courage,  jumps, puts on her suit, starts working again, has her own money, life and own project ? Miraculously this woman starts being noticed by her husband again, who finds himself incredibly interested in her just like that. The husband then sees the way that woman is being seen by other men and the woman realizes that she does not need to beg for love and attention from anyone.

Well, what happened? That woman changed her behavior, her attitude changed, she started to have self esteem and realize its real value ... When you love , you take care and value yourself, you respect yourself and it ends up turning everything around you! I myself was fat.  My greatest fault was to put on weight after pregnancy. I suffered criticism for my weight and it made me very unhappy.  But after I started to love me, accept me and regain my self-esteem. I managed to turn what was made for me to suffer, the subject of my greatest joy.

Today I am exclusive plus size model for the Korukru brand and I have just received the title of Miss Americas Conesul Plus Size Beauty! Ahhh and just to remind you! It is not my weight lose that has changed my life, but my head, my self esteem. That is the secret of my success! 

Carolina Mazuco, Model plus size From Brazil , Miss the Americas Plus Size Beauty Conesul