YesJulz, The curvy “Queen of Snapchat”, Julienna Goddard`s sextape leaks

Julieanna Goddard a.k.a. YesJulz  is a popular Snapchat personality and party promoter from Miami. She also runs the Yes Julz marketing agency.

If there is a lit event going down, chances are you will see her there.

According to Google Trends, the name “YesJulz” is trending with more than 100,000 searches for terms like “YesJulz sex tape” and “YesJulz sextape” coming into Google on Saturday, August 13. The real name of “YesJulz” is Julieanna Goddard.

The social media following of “YesJulz” will likely grow in the wake of this latest saga of the sex tape. With more than 134,000 followers on Twitter, more than 403,000 Instagram followers — and approximately 300,000 or more followers on the “YesJulz” Snapchat, which falls under the handle “YesJulz,” Goddard is creating big buzz online.

The sex video controversy began recently when the Queen of Snapchat was the victim of extortion, reports New York Daily News, after 28-year-old Hencha Voigt and 33-year-old Wesley Victor were arrested. Voigt and Victor tried to get $18,000 out of “YesJulz,” giving Goddard only 24 hours to pay them — or suffer the wrath of nude photos hitting the web if “YesJulz” didn’t pay the Florida model and her friend, according to the Daily Mail.