Does Russell Wilson`s Ex Feel Some Type Of Way About His Engagement To Ciara?

Ashton Meem apparently feels some type of way about her ex-husband’s engagement to Ciara.

Meem married Russell Wilson in 2012. She was rumored to have had an affair with Russell’s former Seattle Seahawks teammate Golden Tate, though Tate (now a member of the Detroit Lions) later denied these claims. Meem and Wilson divorced in 2014, and Wilson later moved on with Ciara.

The Shade Room is saying that Meem has changed her Instagram profile picture to one that shows off the ring Wilson gave her back when they first got engaged. International Business Times says Meem actually changed her Twitter profile picture, but both sites are referring to the below above from what is believed to be Meem’s Twitter account.

But then again, Ciara’s engagement ring is huge and gorgeous. Ciara shouldn’t care about Meem’s petty profile pic, and judging from CiCi’s recent Instagram pics of rose bouquets, she doesn’t.