Curvy Girls In Entertainment

I am really excited about the move of the curvy woman to the forefront of entertainment. If orange is the new black; then curvy is the new archetype and it’s unlimited. Gone are the days when curvy girl was the brunt of all the fat girl jokes or when she was regulated to be the side chick of the side chick. Curvy girls are smashing all barriers from reality TV to day time; even in major motion pictures this summer. I would like to give you a run down on my favorite curvy girls this season. It seems that there is a reality show for everything now, so it is hard to keep the genre fresh well Lifetime’s Bamastyle, has done it. This show is an in depth looks at the world of the college marching band at Alabama State University. The show focuses on the drum majors, the drill team and the majorettes. The majorettes at ASU are the award winning Stingerettes who are all SKINNY. The band director decides to shake things up as he creates the Honeybees a more voluptuous line of dancers. The Honeybees have become an overnight phenomenon, the crowd and the student body loves them; they are awesome becoming a new take on school spirit curves and all.

 Daytime TV has a winner with ABC’s:The Real, Comedian/ Co-Host Loni Love has shown that she can keep up with the likes of Jenny Mai, Tamera Mowry, Tamar Braxton, and Adrienne Bailon. Our resident thick girl is unashamed and unapologetic in her quick comebacks on fashion, lifestyle, and girl chat. Loni has quickly become the go to moderator and the voice of wisdom infused with her brand of comedy. Not only is Loni a funny girl she is super intelligent as it is widely known that before pursuing a career in comedy she was an electrical engineer. This girl has got jokes, brains, and a big heart.

Last but not least is the impending sequel Pitch Perfect 2, we first met Rebel Wilson in the first Pitch Perfect and we learned then that this buxom beauty was a forced to be reckoned with. Ms. Wilson is what you call a triple threat and her larger than life presence comes alive on the screen. She has a way of stealing a scene and making it all her own and we love her for it. Whether she is singing, dancing, her giving you her sexy eye she is quickly becoming a fan favorite. Let’s not forget her deadpan sense of humor that keeps us coming back for more.

These curvy girls are eliminating all stereotypes and giving us more options than ever in entertainment. These ladies are comfortable in their own skin and are pushing the boundaries on what pop culture dictates is sexy, funny, and intelligent. Let this be a lesson to all my curvy sisters out there ready to make their mark on the world, come on just do it, we need you! Keep a close watch on these ladies who are not afraid to live out loud even if they are curvy