Thick - The New Sexy

There is a new sheriff in town. From the East coast to the west coast, from the deserts of Nevada to the snowy mountains of Alaska, a new sheriff has been raised – Curves. Yes, we said it, Curves, thick sexy curves.


For as long as we can remember, runways magazines and commercials have been dominated and graced by petite models. Starving yourself was a necessity, an avoidable path to becoming a model. This was a norm that many have for a long time regarded as a great pinnacle of modeling. Well, the forbidden fruit has been tasted and the world has liked it.


A woman was created with thick meat molded together into this curvy creature that captures every man. Men can’t help it but give their undivided attention. “If you give me a woman in shape and a thick curvy woman in shape, I would pick the thick curvy woman in shape”, they say, in their loud thundering voices.


An increased number of women are no longer working out to look thin, they are working out to look curvy, to lose some and to get some. Twitter, Instagram and all the wonderful social delights, that have strongly inserted themselves in our life are flooded by selfies of women showing off their curves. The ones that are not as blessed as others try different poses as they become master of physics and optics in a quest to make “what their mama gave them” look bigger.


Yes the curvy train has arrived. Some like to call it the thick movement. It has taken the world by storm. But, it however comes without its share of controversy. One can agree that it has been the center of many arguments on social media. Behind their desktop, laptops, phones and tablets, men, women, and those in between, argue on where to draw the line between being thick and overweight. “Not all thickness is attractive. You have to be thick at the right places. This thick movement is causing women to be less attentive to their health” said one lady at the salon.


Regardless of the different opinions that people have, this new found love for thickness has opened the door for many women, especially in modeling. Before the thick movement or the curvy train to some, many women thought they would never have a chance in modeling. Which leads to another controversial question; can every woman be a model? Can every woman walk the runway and draw nothing else but cheer? At what point does it cease to be chasing the dream but instead being delusional?


“For those who do it as a hobby it is fine but for those who view it or at some point view it as a profession, being thick is not enough, being curvy is not enough. Curves are powerful but curves in the right places are unstoppable,” says a modeling casting agent who for the sake of “non controversy” we shall not name at the moment.


We did not wish to start a storm we are just fascinated but this new topic that has grasped us all. In many ways, together we are going to explore this topic further and broader in our next issues. Curves and the City is for every woman, every man who loves them, and every man they love.


Written by Prince Mudyariwa