Tanya Davis - From Crack to Christ

From Crack to Christ is more than a catchy book title. It’s the title of a real life, compelling autobiography of Author Tanya Davis that has been turned into a theatre quality stage play. In essence it is what it says; a synopsis of a heartfelt, unforgettable story of a woman who made it from hell on earth, and lived to tell it. From Crack to Christ will make you laugh, cry and keep you on the edge of your seat and saying to yourself “what next? How is she going to get out of this one….oh my goodness?”

From the often mean streets of Detroit, Michigan to prison where she began an award winning beauty salon business by cutting hair with a fingernail clipper, Tanya Davis is indeed one of a kind. This dynamic woman has authored celebrity industry savvy magazines, the book “From Crack To Christ” and coming soon is the stage play. The play will launch at the Tennessee based TPAC (Theatre for Performing Arts Center) and run nationwide thereafter.

Who would ever know that the top of the line hairstyles, coloring measures and banging finishes her clients walk out of Salon Ice with, rose from something as simple as a toenail clipper within prison walls? Salon Ice clients enter the venue and are literally transformed into even more beautiful, or handsome, satisfied customers. Each service is hand crafted by Ms. Davis or one of her skilled team members. All in all, once it’s done you’ll know that you’ve been iced.

When the stage play is presented thanksgiving weekend 2015, the VIP Reception promises to be the entire rave as guests will be dressed to the nines and the hair? Well let’s just say the appointment book is filling up as we speak. No matter the level of success, Tanya Davis remains humble, prayed up and always has a positive and kind word to share. She imparts wisdom upon her team daily and recently implemented a series of remarkable empowering sessions for maximum growth, led by Dr. Rubin Cockrell. His name alone is linked with success on many levels.

Dr. Cockrell is a world leader, esteemed professional speaker, educator and author for starters. His nonstop page turning book; the Hidden Curriculum is a road map to the ultimate success. Now imagine the leadership empowerment series being shared with the Salon Ice team. Ms Davis knows that to stay afloat and to continue to provide seamless service, ongoing training and hands on interactions are necessary and vital to their growth. In short, Salon Ice is not just your corner press and curl; the book From Crack to Christ takes literary measures to another level of deepness and the forthcoming stage play’s success is yet to be charted.

Along with the noted upscale, full service beauty salon, the book and the stage play, Tanya Davis wears many amazing hats, Including but not limited to; being the founder of a media group and the publisher of Ice Magazine, a cross culture lifestyle magazine. She is also the publisher of Focus On this International Hair Magazine. She is one of leading lady founder Treva Gordon’s Leading Ladies gracing magazine pages, television shows and bill boards, an accomplished Writer, Playwright, Entrepreneur, Master Hair & Beauty Stylist and much more greatness. Mrs. Davis is a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother and mentor. She is a dear friend to anyone who is blessed to know her.

By Deborah A. Culp