Women With Curves - the City`s Delight

When a man sees a woman, the first thing he sees is her curves. Before he sees her face, before he sees her smile and before he sees her eyes; the first thing he sees is her curves.If he does not like what he sees, you have to be one of the most beautiful women he has seen to capture his attention and hopeful capture his heart.


In the city, it’s all about curves - curves, curves, and curves. To those who practice more free will in their speech, it’s all about booty, booty, booty. The TV is littered by commercials of showing off their nicely shaped asserts. As Meghan Trainor bellows in her lyrics, “Booty is back!” I love you Meghan, but I beg to differ; Booty never left.


To many who have just opened their eyes, Curvy is the new sexy. This is a truth that has been exploited more than any other truth. We have seen the rise of waist trainers, body shapers, and many garments that help curve the curves. Even the good doctor has exploited this truth. We have seen an exponential number of women flock to the good doctor for butt implants and all sorts of surgery or shots that make a woman curvier.


Today, there are many fascinating fashion designs, millions around the world and a great number of those are designed with one great objective; bring out the curves of a woman. In the city, curves rule. A walk in the city will delight you with curves nicely clothed in leggings, tight jeans and dresses that wrap about a woman`s curves. Yes the fashion industry has realized this truth and is exploiting it to its fullest.


In pictures a smile is no longer the focus; women now pose to bring out one feature that the Good Lord gave them, the posterior. In clubs, or even at family barbecues, when the photographer asks to take a picture, women do not put more lipstick on anymore; they simple turn around, some a little some more and they make sure that their curves are the focus of the picture. If smart phones could speak, they surely would testify to this modern deed that has taken over the party life of many women around the world.


And then there is curves and fitness. Nowadays a fitness trainer can’t win a woman as a client without mentioning that he or she will bring out the curves on her. It is no longer just about losing weight and being healthy any longer; it’s now or maybe dominatingly about being curvy. Most trainers used to train women with the sole goal of making them thin; nowadays you have trainers who are training to make them thicker, curving the thickness in the process. 


Curvy is indeed the new sexy. But this is not really a new thing? Since the beginning of time, it has always been about curves but society had for a longtime prevented them from flaunting them. Even though men`s hearts embraced them, the world was not ready to embrace them. With women being more confident all over the world and with many cultures loosening up, women now wear whatever they wish to wear and whatever they know is going to turn heads. Now that women have made inroads in gender issues, they are now free to flaunt their sexy curves.


Where does one draw the line between lack of moral and confidence? Where does one draw a line between celebrating her curves and simple just being a sex symbol? How does a man fall in love with the person not the curves? What happens when the curves are stolen by the curse of time, by sickness or any unfortunate path that life takes us through? For now, we will leave the rest of this fascinating matter to church grandmas, salon goers, bus riders and workers at their work place. In many ways, together we are going to explore this topic, and many other interesting topics, further and broader in our next issues.


Written by Prince Mudyariwa